Tubing – Vang Vieng Laos

laso20.jpgBefore I went travelling people told me the best thing to do in the whole of South East Asia is tubing in Laos.

So on my way through Laos I figured it was only natural to follow the crowd and see what tubing is. You literally rent a tube (rubber ring) and then are driven up far along the river Nam Song to the point where you are dropped off and start to tube from. The river is quite nice and clean in South East Asia’s summer so it is advised to go around December/January when it isn’t monsoon season. As you float down the river you are offered a hook which a man then pulls so you can get to the river bank and get off to sit back and relax with a beer at a bar. There are many bars dotted down the river with rope swings, straw huts and football/volley ball grounds.

An experience for a traveler looking for a wild and fun time.

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