The Burj Al Arab – Dubai

dscf8835.JPGYou must have all heard of it, arguably one of the most expensive and nicest hotels in the world. The Burj Al Arab, it’s as beautiful in life as it looks in magazines and not to mention how lavish it is.

The billowing sail shaped hotel reaches the height of 321 meters and stands out like a diamond on the gulf of Arabia. At night the hotel lights up in different colours making it a sight to see in Dubai. Catering for the highest maintenance of clients the hotel offers you anything you need. The hotel does not offer rooms it offers suites, 202 to be exact and they are pure luxury with a state of the art entertainment system and a floor to ceiling view of the sea and city. The sky view bar is well known for its celebrity clientele as is the restaurant a tourist attraction in itself with a huge fish tank that looks like the sea. The location is perfect for those who want a relaxing holiday by the beautiful beach with views of the ocean and yachts and it suits those who want to visit the city as everything is just a short taxi ride away.

As you can imagine the hotel is pricey starting from £601 per night based on 2 adults sharing in September, visit the website for more information.

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