The Rock Hotel Gibraltar: Nice but Not for Me!

The Rock HotelMy fiance and I are currently travelling around Spain in search of wedding locations for next year. We decided to have a look around Gibraltar as we need to do the legal bits and pieces over there.

Our first thoughts were lots of building work, birds (and therefore bird poo) and not a lot to do in the area. We booked into the Rock Hotel for four nights but after one night we were board and realised we were paying far too much for our room so we checked out the following day to find somewhere a bit more modern and relaxing.

They were charging £150 per night for a junior suite that was nice but outdated, had large cobwebs in the corner and was not all that great. The bathroom however was really nice.

The pool was also nice but you have to cross a busy road covered in roadworks and cones to get to it. We only went to the pool once and while there a bird decided we would make a nice toilet! We soon upped and left! We were shown a beautiful area by the pool where we could have our wedding reception but the location of the hotel spoiled the mood a little.

On a chirpier note, my fiance had an Argentinian steak in the hotel restaurant one evening and said it was the best steak he had ever tasted. We may even go back there on the way to Gibraltar airport just so he can have another!

So all in all if you are in Gibraltar and fancy a nice meal, the restaurant serves some lovely food (and sangria) but if you are looking for a peaceful getaway in luxurious surroundings, stay clear!

Photographs from The Rock Hotel

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