Sinatra’s Bar in Puerto Banus

Sinatra Bar Puerto BanusIf you happen to be travelling to Puerto Banus, go between the months of June and August. This is the busiest season in southern Spain and very popular with the rich and famous.

Sinatra’s bar is quite a tourist attraction in itself, well known as a celebrity haunt. The week I visited I was informed that Jennifer Aniston, Girls Aloud and Gareth Gates were there the previous week (disappointing I know). The bar is situated on the front port in Puerto Banus, on the very busy strip with plenty of restaurants and bars to compliment it. Although it is small the elite crowd tend to spill onto the road and I’m told at weekends cars simply cannot drive on the road. The décor is simple and sleek and the drinks menu has a variety from beers to cocktails to champagne. Expect to pay London prices or maybe a little less.

A fabulous night out!

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