Sand Boarding

Sand BoarderI know winters coming up and Ski and Snowboard lovers are about to venture to their heavenly snow topped mountains to satisfy their craving for the fast paced sport but I have just been turned to the up and coming craze of sand boarding.

There are times of the year where the snow is not accessible but boarders, but fear not as you can speed down sand instead of snow. The activity is widely known and has its own governing body, international competitions and profession riders. Confident snowboarders will find this just as fun but it is a little different to boarding the white slopes. A word of advice, to prevent a fall, you must tilt back slightly as the board will bury in the sand.

Currently there are few sand boarding resorts, but head to Merzouga in Morocco, Genipabu Dunes in Brazil, Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado or Great Sand Sea in Egypt if your tempted by the excitement.

For more information on sand boarding and bookings visit and – (photo source).

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