A Tempting 2wenty’s Holiday

ZanteLaganas in Zante is fast becoming a popular destination for young clubbers, it’s now not far behind Malia in Crete and San Antonio in Ibiza. Although it is a small resort there is still a great amount of things to do.

The Blue Bell Studios is a three star, self catering accommodation with fair sized rooms and either a terrace if you’re staying in a ground floor studio or a balcony on either floor above. Both terrace and balcony apartments face either the garden area or the pool, but if you would like a balcony I advise you to request this in advance. We arrived unaware of this and could not have a balcony due to it being peak time. On the studio complex there is a pool with a pool side bar which serves drinks and snacks throughout the day but next door there is a café that serves fantastic fry up’s. Sun beds are available all around the pool too.

Although the complex seems like quite a walk from the main strip in high heels it actually is not that far but perhaps worth a taxi if you would like to last the night standing and dancing on your feet. As you walk down the strip there are many bars and clubs, some good ones to try would be Cherry Bay situated at the bottom of the strip by the beach, The Rescue bar which is always packed and Cocktails and Dreams which has fantastic cocktails and vodka jellies. The beach in Laganas is beautiful, the sea is calm and you can walk for miles out to the sea as it is so shallow. There are many restaurants to choose from including authentic Greek and the usual McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC.

Laganas is a lively, clubbers paradise but I’d only advise a week’s stay as it’s not big enough for a lengthy holiday.

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  1. Peter Says:

    Here is an interactive map of Ibiza with 360 panoramas of many of the beaches and calas on the island. Each panoramic image is linked to a Google map, and comes with a local description to show you where to go between clubbing sessions:

    The Ibiza Map

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