Mosquito Repellents and Treatments

Mosquito Repellents and Treatments
I am off to St Lucia next week to stay in my parent’s apartment and am very excited about getting away to the sunshine. There is however one issue that makes me want to stay in England; the mosquitoes. St Lucian mosquitoes are bad, last time I went I had 37 bites just on my left leg, I have therefore been researching different repellents and formulas that may help.

I have heard the garlic tablets are quite affective but have not yet tried these, I have also heard that rubbing a garlic glove over your body also works but seriously, who wants to stink of garlic on holiday?

I found an array of interesting products at, my favourites are shown above; the 1st product (from the left) is a mosquito bite relief – an after-bite treatment to relieve itching and reduce swelling. You are supposed to place the product over your bite and it works by creating a small electrical charge. No batteries are needed, it lasts for between 3000 – 6000 bites and only costs £5.95.

The next product is mosquito repellent wipes; each wipe repels mosquitoes for up to six hours. They are probably more practical for the daytime, 30 wipes cost £3.75. The next item is a Bed Bug Guard – a fine net liner, impregnated with Permethrin, designed to go under your sheet to protect against mosquitoes. A single sheet costs £9.50 and a double £13.99. The last item is repellent spray that costs £5.25.

I’ll report back when I return from St Lucia to let you know what worked best for me!

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