iSound Time Travel Alarm Clock

iSound Time Travel Alarm ClockWhenever I go away I completely loose track of time especially if the destination is really far away, however I have just come across a handy little gadget that will ensure you’re always up and about at the right time. It is an i.Sound Time Travel speaker system that has a built in alarm clock blasting out your favourite tunes when it’s time to wake up. It is an iPod docking station that also works as a charger so all you do is slot your iPod in the top and the songs will be ready to go.

The Time Travel is designed to work with most iPods and since they come in a range of sizes, the gadget is equipped with fitting brackets that align the iPod within the Time Travel.

The gadget contains a built in amplifier so the sound is much clearer than most other conventional clock radios, a digital LED alarm clock with snooze function and a 60 hour battery life. It is only a few inches wide, so it won’t take up much space in your suitcase or on your bedside table, you can even pop it in your handbag and take it everywhere with you!

Currently available at for $40.59.

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